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Top 5 Destination Wedding locations

Posted on 03/03/2017

Destination weddings are becoming extremely popular
and, even still, more affordable. However, trying to decide on the right
location can be difficult, especially with all of the beautiful islands and
beaches, countrysides and castles that this world has. Here are 5 of the top
destination wedding locations in the world:

Italy: It’s one of the romantic places on earth, so if you’re looking for the perfect
destination wedding location, don’t look any further than the rolling hills of
Tuscany or the beautiful foothills of the Alps. There’s also any one of the
hilltop castles, such as the Sala Rossa of Florence, or the Palazzo Pubblico of
Curaçao: One of the most beautiful islands in the Dutch Caribbean where you and your
loved one can exchange vows standing on the beach next to the crystal clear
waters. The island has things to do for guests of all ages, making it the
perfect destination wedding location. Snorkelers and scuba divers can go toward
the ocean floor to look at the marine life of the coral reefs at Blue Bay.
Hikers will enjoy Christoffel National Park -- the island’s largest national
park that has wild orchids. Your wedding party can take in the Octagon Museum
which is home to the Simón Bolívar exhibit. Curaçao is home to the Renaissance
Curaçao Resort and Casino, which can accommodate up to 252 guets, located in
Willemstad or you can explore the island by taking a Curacao jeep.

Portugal: Stand on the beach or on the high cliffs and no matter how you look at it,
Portugal is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Couples will love
getting married here, whether it be in Algarve, which is known for its many
beaches or in Sintra’s romantic architecture. There isn’t anything like getting
married at a castle, where you can feel like royalty, and Portugal is home to Castle of the Moors, a hilltop medieval castle whereyou can say your I Do’s.

Ireland: Princess and princesses and castles sound like the beginning of a romantic love
story and that’s what Ireland is all about. It’s home to more than 30,000
castles across the country, including the 400-acre Dromoland. Here the
lovebirds can take a romantic boat ride before you exchange vows. There’s also
the holy site of St. Patrick's Cathedral, which is located in Dublin or the
beautiful backdrop of the Botanic Gardens. You can’t talk romance in Ireland
without talking about the famous Blarney Castle and sharing an upside down kiss
on the Blarney Stone.

Costa Rica: It’s white sandy beaches, gorgeous black sandy beaches, blue-green waters and
beautiful parkland make it one of the most beautiful places for a wedding. What
makes it a great destination is its central location for travel and the fact
that is full of attractions to visit for visitors of all ages.

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