YDIV Fundraiser Consignment Packages

Are you looking to add more revenue to your next fundraiser, gain exposure from a larger clientele, and allow multiple bidders to win, therefore adding more profit to your overall organizational GOAL?

You may be asking HOW can we do that?

You Deserve It! Vacations has been working with non-profit organizations for years and we know what it takes to create a successful event. Our positive approach to Travel Fundraising has left a great impact on many guests after the event has concluded and our clients advise us they will never sponsor another fundraiser without You Deserve It! Vacations again.

You Deserve It! Vacations has unique and adventurous travel packages to help you set your traditional fundraiser apart. No more Mexico, Jamaica or the Bahamas... how about Dubai, Greece or the Galapagos Islands just to name a few.

Click on the link below for our FABULOUS E-Book to review all the great vacation packages we have to offer. Feel free to share this page with your organization's Officers.

Like what you see? Want to learn more? Complete the - YDIV Fundraiser Questionnaire. Let's schedule a time to speak to finalize the specific vacation packages you feel would benefit your event.